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Canadian Western Group Benefits and Pensions Inc


Canadian Western Group Benefits and Pensions Inc

We are a team of knowledgeable professionals with years of experience implementing and servicing group savings and retirement plans.

Our team takes a hands on approach, ensuring every member of your company’s plan receives one-on-one advice from a retirement advisor to make sure they understand the plan and are on track to meet their retirement goals.

Our team is here to assist with any other financial and/or insurance needs they may need.


Superior Group Savings and Retirement Plans

Many Canadians struggle to save for retirement. To compound the problem, traditional workplace pension plans, once a common part of the employee-employer relationship, are becoming rarer.

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Savings Today—and Tomorrow

Depending on the type of plan and the options you choose, your employees may be able to reap tax benefits right away.

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Expertise and Guidance from the Experts

As with building your own personal retirement savings plan, the options available when building a plan for your employees can seem overwhelmingly complex.

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Don’t know where to start with your employee benefits?

Let us design the best plan for your employees, one that they will truly value.