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Canadian Western Group Benefits and Pensions Inc

Superior Group Savings and Retirement Plans

Many Canadians struggle to save for retirement. To compound the problem, traditional workplace pension plans, once a common part of the employee-employer relationship, are becoming rarer. Employers that offer competitive, cost-effective plans to their staff have a significant edge in recruiting and retaining talent.

Give your employees peace of mind and give your company an advantage in the hiring process with a group savings and retirement plan from Canadian Western Group Benefits & Pensions.

Whether it’s a deferred profit-sharing plan, a defined contribution registered pension plan, a group RRSP, or a group tax free savings account, we work with multiple providers to source the plans and options that are right for you.

Savings Today—and Tomorrow

Depending on the type of plan and the options you choose, your employees may be able to reap tax benefits right away.

And because contributions are pooled and invested together, group plans generally have lower fees than those found in individual retirement savings plans.

Canadian Western Group Benefits and Pensions Inc
Canadian Western Group Benefits and Pensions Inc

Expertise and Guidance from the Experts

As with building your own personal retirement savings plan, the options available when building a plan for your employees can seem overwhelmingly complex.

Our financial specialists are here to help. We’ll work with you to ensure you understand your options, the impact it will have on your bottom line, and on your employees’ paycheques. And that service doesn’t stop when your plan is implemented—we’ll provide ongoing support and answer any questions you and/or your staff may have.

Don’t know where to start with your employee benefits?

Let us design the best plan for your employees, one that they will truly value.